1948 June Established the Company with the Capital 500,000yen at 26th and start electroplating-business by eight employees.
1977 July

The Boeing Company Approved Source for special process.

1988 March

Kyoto Minami Plant was built.(Surface treatment for Airplane Parts)

1992 March Gifu Anpachi Plant was built.(Surface treatment for Airplane Parts)
1998 October Gifu Anpachi Plant was extended for processing and surface treatment.
1999 July ISO9002 quality management system Accredited.
2002 March

Gifu Anpachi 300-year Plant installed 5 axis machining and surface treatment.


ISO9001 (2000Version) Quality management system Accredited.

2004 February

JISQ9100 (AS9100) Quality management system for aerospace Industry Accredited.

July NADCAP Accredited for NDT for the first time in Japan
December NADCAP Accredited for NMSE for the first time in Japan
2005 July Obtained JISQ9100 accreditation after changing its assessing organization from BSK to JICAQ
August Aluminizing stripping equipment for YS-11 Dart engine turbine blades was completed.
The first lot of J-Parc 3Gev synchrotron ceramic B ducts that are constructed by copper electroforming and mounted on capacitors was manufactured and delivered.
September Process of environment-friendly surface treatment "Boric–sulfuric acid anodizing" was installed
October The Boric–sulfuric acid anodizing process for BAC5632 was approved by The Boeing Company.
December Equipment for environment-friendly surface treatment of nickel-zinc alloy plating for Boeing was completed
2006 May Large-scale penetrant inspection equipment for Boeing B787 Inspar Rib was completed
July The large-scale penetration inspection process for B787 was approved by The Boeing Company.
The processes of environment-friendly surface treatment of nickel-zinc alloy plating were approved by The Boeing Company
September Equipment for machining, penetration inspection, shot-peening, anodizing, coating and sub-assembly for Boeing 787 was newly established and started operation
December Jointly held a tacking ceremony (it is usually conducted to celebrate the completion of a newly-constructed building or large product and pray for its safety) of the first Boeing B787 Inspar Rib with the Boeing Company and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd
2007 February Thermal Spray Coating process of HVOF (BAC5851 Grade A) was qualified by the Boeing Company
August Increased its capital to \90.8 million
September An additional small-scale shot-peening machine (impeller type) was introduced and began operation
2008 May The production of new parts for PAC3 (Patriot) started based on the specifications of Lockheed Martin, U.S.
June An award as one of the 300 small-/mid-sized vigorous Monozukuri (manufacturing) companies that support tomorrow’s Japan by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Mr. Amari was presented
A party to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the company was held in grand style at Kyoto Studio Park and attended by the employees and their families
July “The research and development of environmentally-friendly thermal spray coating technology” was adopted as part of the strategic fundamental technology sophistication support program in 2008 under the control of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and a 3-year research and development program was initiated.
August The a82-5XR high-speed 5-axis machining centre made by MAKINO was introduced and began operation
Increased its capital to ¥99,500,000($10million)
September Completed a business tie-up with The Yokohama Rubber Inc.. and entered the production of commercial aircraft interiors (lavatories) for the first time
October Participated in the Japan International Aerospace Exhibition 2008 in Yokohama and took the first steps towards global business
Asahi Kinzoku Kogyo received a recognition award for being the first Japanese company to obtain NADCAP accreditation and for its contribution to the acquisition of NADCAP by other Japanese suppliers from the NADCAP Management Council.
2009 March Thermal Spray Coating process of HVOF (BAC5851 Grade B) is now in process to qualify by the Boeing Company.
June Asahi made a proposal to introducing an innovated technology to the world in aerospace industry in Paris Air Show 2009 as an exhibitor.
2010 February Asahi Kinzoku Kogyo and Toyota Tsusho Corporation made a partnership to participate Singapore Air Show 2010 as an exhibitor.
Jul Exhibit on “Farnborough International Airshow 2010” as a member of JAIF (Japan Aerospace Industry orum ).
2011 Mar Exhibit on “Asian Aerospace International Expo and Congress 2011” held in Hong Kong.
Apr Apply JIS Q 9100: 2009
Jun Exhibit on “International Paris Airshow 2011” as a member of JAIF.
Oct Completion of Gifu Anpachi East plant.
Nov Exhibit on “AIRTECH 2011” held in German as a member of JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization).
2012 Feb Exhibit on “Singapore Airshow 2012” as a member of JETRO.
Feb Start surface treatment at Gifu Anpachi East Plant for large-sized parts as B777 Stringer and Flame.
Oct Exhibit on “Japan International Aerospace 2012” as a member of JAIF.
Dec Exhibit on “Aeromart Toulouse 2012” as a member of JETRO.
Dec Shipping out 100th Assembled Rib for B787 main wing.
2014 July Shimadzu Corporation officially announced that Shimadzu Precision Instruments Inc. (SPI) ,branch factory in US, will establish new facility at Long Beach California to extend and strengthen commercial airplane business.

Asahi made business tie-up contract with SPI for surface treatment service there.
2016 Feb Exhibit on “Singapore Airshow 2016” as a member of JETRO.
Oct Opening Ceremony of AAM(Asahi Aero Malaysia)
2017 Jun Exhibit on “Paris Airshow” as a member of JAIF.
Sep The 70th Anniversary of Foundation.
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